The Home Buying Process


Buying a home entails many steps that will be guided through with Scott Smolen’s expertise. Although the home buying process is inherently complicated and very involved, it still should be smooth and enjoyable. It is highly unlikely, that anything will come up during the process that Scott has not seen or dealt with before.  If this is your 1st home buying experience or your 10th home purchase, you will be represented by one of the top Realtors in Maryland when working with The Scott Smolen Team.

1. Needs Assessment

  • a. Analyze home needs and requirements
  • b. Discuss market trends
  • c. Develop search plan based on timing and other factors

2. Property Selection

  • a. Set up a daily “listing alert” with your specific search criteria, so you are notified of homes that meet what you are looking for quickly and efficiently through e-mail.
  • b. Use all professional resources to present listed and unlisted homes for review
  • c. Conduct new home and new subdivision research when applicable.
  • d. Arrange for interior access to homes that you want to view.

3. Viewing Properties

  • a. Provide objective information
  • b. Provide on-site representation for new communities
  • c. Conduct pre-sale analysis
  • d. Keep you informed of changing financial markets and loan opportunities
  • e. Weekend and evening availability is possible when required.

4. Negotiating

  • a. Prepare market analysis for homes of interest
  • b. Develop a buyer’s strategy for presentation success
  • c. Maintain confidentiality of buyer’s information
  • d. Suggest protective contract clauses
  • e. Use the latest technology such as digital signatures in order to execute offers conveniently and efficiently.

5. Follow-Through

  • a. Provide Professional Closing advice and reputable settlement company information
  • b. Recommend best inspectors and attend inspections
  • c. Define property encumbrances
  • d. Provide list of home service providers
  • e. Attend settlement