Top 10 Reasons to Chose the Scott Smolen Team to Represent You When Buying Your Home.


  1. Having Scott Smolen represent you as your Buyer’s Agent is FREE to you as a Buyer. The Sellers pay all broker fees and Scott will not charge you any “processing, administrative, or flat fees”. The Sellers are contractually obligated to pay a Buyer’s agent once their property is entered into the multiple listing service.  This includes buying a new home as well.
  2. Full attention is given to the your needs from our first meeting through a successful settlement and beyond.
  3. As a buyer, you can talk freely to Scott as your agent. Everything you say is held in confidence.
  4. When working as your Buyer’s agent, Scott can give advice and facts to assist you in making and objective evaluation of the property.
  5. You will be educated about competing and closed properties before making an offer on any home.
  6. The Scott Smolen Team will develop and execute negotiation strategies on behalf of you, the buyer. The listing agent’s fiduciary responsibility is strictly to the Sellers.
  7. The Scott Smolen Team will provide price counseling based on all recent sales data.
  8. Any offers will include buyer protective clauses.  These include, but are not limited to home, radon, and mold inspection contingencies. Financing provisions that protect you as a Buyer will also be included with any written offer.
  9. Financing programs will be suggested that have your best interest in mind. With Scott’s guidance, many Buyers have become homeowners when other agents have not been able to get the job done.
  10. The buyer’s specialist will share all information about the seller with the buyer as allowed by Maryland law. Any information that would enhance the your position will be disclosed to you when using The Scott Smolen Team as your Buyer’s agent.