What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging has become a more popular strategy among those who embrace technology in the real estate industry.  Virtual Staging allows graphic artists to use computer software to replace vacant properties with virtual furniture and decorations. This detailed representation of what the house might look like after it has been moved into can help potential buyers picture themselves living there, making for an even more attractive listing.  

In contrast to classic staging, virtual staging is both less expensive and offers an expedited timeline. When you add furniture and decorations virtually to a listing, they can be quickly modified or substituted in accordance with the potential buyer's wishes. 

Transforming an empty room into something extraordinary is the purpose of virtual staging. Professional stagers are equipped with all they need - software, hardware, and a creative eye - to make it happen. They can even incorporate carpets, curtains, window treatments and pieces of art to accentuate the space further for maximum impact.

Virtual staging is a fantastic way for real estate agents and home sellers to demonstrate potential buyers what their home could look like once it's completed. With virtual staging, the creative possibilities are endless and can make an incredible impact on viewers. If you want your property to stand out in this competitive market, then make sure you ask any Realtor that you are considering if they offer this service. 

Here are some examples below.  This house was completely vacant, but the photos show potential Buyers how they could set up their furniture and the potential it offers for them.  Another great feature of virtual staging is the ability to select the style of the furniture that is used to convey the look and feel of the property that you are looking for.



Before vs After


Before vs After