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The Top 7 Reasons to List with Scott.

1: Scott is a member of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, and he was inducted into the very prestigious RE/MAX Circle of Legends in 2020. 

In a field where the average agent lasts about 18 months, Scott has been at the top of the real estate industry for more than 23 years.  In 2003, Scott was listed as one of the Top 30 Realtors in the entire United States under the age of 30 by Realtor Magazine - and he has never looked back.  His knowledge and expertise alone make him the clear choice in listing agents for sellers who are serious about getting the most return on their property.

2: Team of Unparalleled Professionals and Contractors Available to You

When you bring Scott Smolen on board as your listing broker, you’re also bringing on his entire support team of seasoned professionals and contractors.  They work with Scott to provide you and your property the detailed attention that you simply don’t receive from an average listing agent.  As a result, the selling process is streamlined, and your profits are maximized! 

3: Selling Homes is What Scott Does Best

Selling homes is what he does…and what he’s done successfully for more than 23 years.  Think about it: If you had to have heart surgery, would you rather have a surgeon who performs 12 procedures a year, or 75?  The answer is obvious, isn’t it?  The same goes for choosing a listing agent.  Your home is one of the most significant investments you have, and that’s why you should only trust a highly qualified and experienced listing agent to sell it for you.  If you want the best results, choose the best Realtor in the area.

4: Reputation, Reputation, Reputation

Because more than 97% of all homes are sold by agents, choosing the right listing agent with the best reputation is critical. That means selecting someone who is highly respected by other agents in the industry, has a history of listing homes that “show well and sell fast”, and who enjoys a stellar reputation among agents, sellers, and buyers alike. All of this leads to greater industry relationships and insider connections that get homes sold fast. In other words, it means choosing The Scott Smolen Team!

5: Backed By RE/MAX – The Largest Real Estate Company in the World 

The company an agent works for really does matter. As a member of the RE/MAX team, Scott is supported by the most extensive relocation network in both the US and worldwide, the highest-ranking real estate company website in the world (RE/MAX.com), the most national TV and print advertising done by any real estate company, and worldwide name recognition.  Outstanding agents get outstanding results!

6: Avoid the Selling Process Pitfalls 

Because he has sold thousands of homes, Scott and his team know how to successfully navigate the obstacles that might arise during the selling process. And, because he knows the right questions to ask before the selling process even begins, Scott and his team can also help you avoid such pitfalls altogether. Enforceable contracts, earnest money, and litigation issues are handled best by a professional that has “been there and done that.”

7: FREE Home Staging Consultation 

Buyers need to be able to see the potential your home holds for them. The best way to do this is to stage your home— inside and outside—in a way that lets their imagination take off.  Scott provides a FREE home staging consultation for every listing and offers a list of vendors for household repairs or touch-ups if they are needed. This includes everything from maid services to keep your property looking spectacular throughout the selling process, to landscaping contractors that ensure the outside of your home is as breathtaking as the inside. 

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