What You Should Know About
Buying a Home During COVID-19


In most places, real estate and moving services are considered “essential.” That’s great news if you’re in the market for a new house. Although these services are essential, it doesn’t mean the pandemic hasn’t affected them. In fact, buying a house in the age of coronavirus is a new experience. Here’s what you should expect before, during, and after closing a real estate deal.

Buying a Home Remotely — Is it Possible?

Before the pandemic, buying a home remotely was sometimes the only option for families moving across the country! These days, the process of buying your dream house might look pretty similar to planning a cross-country move, even if you’re staying in the same town.


     A skilled and experienced realtor like Scott Smolen can walk you through every step of the home-purchasing process.

     Learn the ins and outs of shopping for a mortgage.

     More than ever, it’s crucial to narrow down your needs and wants in a new home, so you can weed out the homes that don’t fit your list.

     These days, listings may include 3D walkthroughs, and agents may provide or video chat tours to show homes.

     FaceTime is one of the best tools for video chatting, but if you and your agent don’t both have iPhones, you’ll have to use alternatives like these.

     Many real estate agents also have the ability to live stream open houses.


Moving During a Pandemic

 After falling in love with a house and closing the deal, you’ve probably seen first-hand that the pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of buying a home. For most people, the pandemic has also changed the logistics of moving.


     Even under normal conditions, it’s recommended that you schedule a moving company at least eight weeks in advance.

     If you’re working with professional movers, you can keep everyone safe by providing hand-washing supplies (or hand sanitizer) and wearing a mask.

     If you’re especially concerned with social distancing, there are plenty of DIY ways to move.


Additional Resources


Many people hold off on buying homes during times of uncertainty, and the pandemic is no different. It’s not a bad call to buy a home now if your finances are stable and you have reliable income. However, there’s no telling how long the pandemic will affect the economy. These homeowner resources can help if you face tougher times in the future.


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Buying a home during the pandemic is doable, but it will require you to be more flexible than usual. Video showings and virtual closings might take some getting used to, but the process of buying a house still requires the same basic steps regardless of what’s going on in the world.

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- Katie Conroy