Real estate agents emphasize the importance of the three Ls. No, we're not talking about location, rather landscaping, landscaping, landscaping! Making sure your landscaping and exterior portions of your home are in top condition is the best way to get a better price of your Maryland home. There are plenty of ways to upgrade your yard, but some will go further than others when attracting that perfect buyer. Those homeowners who pay attention to current trends will show their home is updated and modern.


Multiuse Areas

Creating an outdoor space is an important landscaping trend this year. Potential buyers want to see the yard can accommodate a quick game of catch as well as enough space to barbecue and sit out and enjoy the sunshine. Hardscaped areas pull double duty as a place to chat with friends and neighbors as well as enjoy dinner underneath the stars. Landscaping that is both beautiful to look at from afar, as well as approachable with integrated pathways, is also essential. Making your outdoor areas multifunctioning is a huge bonus when it comes to getting the best price for your home.


Keep It Private



While you don't need to shield your entire backyard from view, some portions should be more private than others. Consider planting quick-growing plants, such as American holly, that will create a natural boundary. Other options for privacy include building a pergola or installing a large sun shade that will keep homeowners cool as well as secluded.


Low Maintenance Technology

Homeowners want to spend more time outdoors, but they don't want to spend that time working outside. Installing smart technology items to keep the landscaping low-maintenance is an essential part of modernizing a home. Sprinkler systems, automatic timers, and drip irrigation can make a big statement during a home tour. Most A large majority of Maryland homeowners mow their lawns once every week or every other week, so that’s what you want if you want to keep up with how the Joneses are mowing.


Go Native

Another part of keeping your landscaping low-maintenance is to add more native plants. These plants thrive in Maryland's climate and help support the local environment. Area pollinators like honey bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds are more apt to visit a garden full of native blooms. Plants such as cardinal flower and blue mist need less watering and attention than others and make the yard more attractive.


Light It Up



Chances are prospective buyers will return to see your home in the evening. Outdoor lighting will give your house a sense of ambiance and safety. It expands your outside living space, serves as a deterrent to burglars and enables you to use the patio well into the evening. Consider LED lights, which are much more energy efficient.


Adding a fire feature is a top trend that continues to stay strong. Fire pits are warm and inviting and can boost the property value. If you don’t want to mess with wood and ashes, many DIY tabletop fire installations can help create a soft glow without the mess and smoke.


Creating an outdoor space that is both beautiful and welcoming is an essential part of making sure your home is ready to go on the market. Keeping up with current trends will help modernize your home and draw in serious home buyers. Consider these top landscaping trends that boost the value of your property when selling your home this year.


Peter Goldberg is a gardening and landscaping writer and outdoors aficionado. He likes to fire up the grill to cook for family and friends, as well as using his organically grown garden produce to create mouth-watering meals.