For decades, people who live and work in Anne Arundel County have been buzzing about the potential of the Odenton Town Center development, which is located in the western part of the county. Things are finally moving forward in a big way for the development, and a lot of people are becoming interested in the possibilities of life in the OTC. The area is incredibly attractive for commuters, of course, with its ideal, centralized location, but the development will also make this part of the county appealing to those who see themselves living the good life in a community where shopping, restaurants, local businesses, sites of historical significance and numerous other amenities are all within easy reach.

Everything You Need in Odenton Town Center

The secret to the appeal of Odenton Town Center is its location. The OTC is situated just 12 miles from Baltimore and only 16 miles from Washington, D.C., making it incredibly convenient for commuters and others who need to live in close proximity to the region’s busiest urban areas. It’s also just five miles away from BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport, making it easy for residents to get away.

Fortunately, OTC is being developed in a way that will make residents and visitors want to stay. Odenton Town Center is set to feature everything families will need to live, work and play comfortably.

Some of the more notable amenities include:

  • Numerous hiking and biking trails
  • A wide array of historically significant buildings and sites
  • Unique restaurants and outdoor cafes located near quaint shops
  • Pedestrian-friendly spaces and roadways
  • Plenty of available office space
  • Green spaces, playgrounds and performance pavilions
  • Easy access to the rest of the world

It’s easy to see why people are interested in this development when considering all of the features, factors and amenities that are situated directly within the OTC!

Making a Home in OTC

When people think of the ideal American life, what they tend to envision is what OTC has to offer. Many great homes are available in the development, with a wide variety of options to suit all sorts of preferences. And most of the homes in the OTC are located just steps away from vibrant areas for shopping, recreation, entertainment and culture.

One of the most appealing aspects about living in OTC will be the ease with which residents can interact and connect with their neighbors – something that’s been missing from many community settings. Residents can truly feel like part of a special community, sharing moments and living the good life.

Finding Your Place in OTC

Have you been considering the purchase of a home in the promising OTC development? There are a lot of factors to consider, and the process can be overwhelming. Thankfully, Scott Smolen is here to help! Scott has a deep connection to the area, and he understands what people are looking for when they envision the good life – and a great home – in OTC.

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