Piney Orchard is beautiful. This is not just because it is the largest planned community in the whole of Maryland, but because it seems to have something good to offer everyone. Here you will not see much vacant land for sale because there are various available housing types for people to stay. This community is safe and comfortable and it is soon having some of the most attractive properties in the real estate market. Although houses are a little pricey, staying there would make you realise it is worth every single dollar. Are you also wondering why Piney Orchard is fast becoming a prime location for residence? Take a close look at the following reasons.

1.      - Real Estate

Piney Orchard is the largest planned community in Maryland, having over 3900 housing units, of numerous sizes and specifications. It records over 8000 residents and more seem to be coming by the day. The real estate industry is booming, with offers for rentals, selling and buying of apartments and homes on the rise. This is a planned community; having land for sale is highly controlled. The community has a variety of houses to suit the needs of people. Ranging from small room apartments to large luxurious homes, serving different kind of deals. It has something for you, whether you are looking to be a tenant or an agent.

2.     - Terrain

Constellation Real estate Group handled a restoration project in the 40s and 50s replacing the initial wetlands by building five large ponds. The restoration project included planting numerous trees, and shrubs that are native to the area. This took place until the 90s when the project was recorded successful and Piney Orchard Nature Preserve was officially opened. The fact that this location was planned makes it a beauty to behold. In 2018, the community blossoms with beautiful green spaces all year and clean fresh air with a clear sky. This location serves as a haven for residents providing walking and bike trails for those who wish to promote fitness.

3.     - Proximity and access to major cities

One of the major reasons this community thrives so well is because it offers an easy access to big cities such as Washington DC, Baltimore and N.S.A’s Forte Meade.  This enables residents to stay there and work in the nearby cities. Easy access is provided through MARC train that moves to Washington DC and Baltimore. Piney Orchard is also close to BWI airport and several other employment centres. This makes the community ideal for residents and easily accessible for visitors to want to live in.

4.     - Amenities

Planning is an integral part of humanity because it brings an order and meaning to so much. Piney Orchard is planned to be a beautiful residential community, this is evident by the presence of beautiful amenities required for a community to flourish. Some of these amenities include schools, public transport systems, recreational centres, orchard community centre, Parks, shopping centres, clubhouse and lots more. This community is perfect for residency, especially for families looking for a suitable neighbourhood to raise children. The community is designed to have something for everyone- a place to play for children, lots of fun for teenagers and a place to work for adults.


In 2005, Constellation handed over day-to-day supervision of Piney Orchard to the association of residents known as Piney Orchard Community Association (POCA). They have the sole responsibility of maintaining security the aesthetic quality of the community and have never failed to meet up to expectations. They organise community social events and encourage communal living. Where would you rather live?