When autumn comes, it arrives carrying a number of well-known characteristics in its arms. The temperatures drop to become much more comfortable and cozy. The leaves on the trees change from green to the familiar oranges, yellows and reds, and kids are back in school. One of the other key signifiers of fall is the kickoff of the NFL football season, and for residents of Anne Arundel County, two teams dominate -- the Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Redskins.

The I-95 Football Rivalry

Are you a new resident of the area, or are you planning a move to the region? You should know that sports fans here take their football seriously! And when it comes to the professional game, there are two distinct teams to root for. But you’ve got to choose wisely because the two teams have a unique rivalry with fervent fans on either side.

For fans of the Washington Redskins and Baltimore Ravens, there are bigger rivalries. After all, the Ravens are in the AFC, while Washington plays in the NFC. As a result, the teams don’t play each other that often. Ravens fans are known for their intense dislike of divisional rival, Pittsburgh, while Redskins supporters look forward to beating the Cowboys and Giants. But when Washington and Baltimore play each other, there’s something about the proximity -- just 33 miles between the teams’ home stadiums on I-95 -- that gives the rivalry an added boost.

If you’re a football fan who is relocating to Anne Arundel County, there’s no doubt that you’ll be bringing your love of your favorite team with you. However, it’s good to put some effort into your decision of which local NFL franchise to root for.

Baltimore or Washington?

Baltimore has had more recent success, having won the championship as recently as 2013. But the team is fairly new, by National Football League standards; they used to be the Cleveland Browns, but the team moved to Baltimore and changed its name back in 1996, effectively becoming an expansion team.

Washington is one of the oldest, proudest franchises in the league, and its history includes some of the legends of the sport, including former coach Vince Lombardi, for whom the championship trophy is named. Unfortunately, the team hasn’t provided fans with much to feel good about in recent years.

Football Sundays in Anne Arundel County

Whether you lean more toward the Ravens or the Redskins, it’s good to make a choice so you know what side you stand on when these two giants battle on the gridiron. Football season is here, and if you’re planning on a move to the region, you also have to make an important choice about where you and your family will live!

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