One of the most appealing aspects of living in Anne Arundel county is proximity to locations that hold historical significance. Washington, D.C. is just a stone’s throw away, and the region teems with monuments to the tremendously important events that happened in conjunction with the birth, founding and expansion of the United States. Odenton Town Center, which is a highly anticipated development in the western part of the county, not only provides amazing access to the many historical sites in the region; it’s the home of many such sites itself!

A Commitment to Remembering the Past

These days, developments like Odenton Town Center are being designed and built differently than they were in the past. OTC, for example, features its own Historical district, and its leaders understand the significance of preserving historic sites and pieces of the culture. In fact, the OTC encompasses commercial, residential and institutional properties of unique historical significance.

OTC also includes numerous buildings that display important architectural styles such as:

  • Queen Anne
  • American Foursquare
  • Bungalow
  • Gable
  • Vernacular Style

An Even Deeper Heritage

The region in which Odenton Town Center is situated is notable for its proximity to sites that are crucial in American history, but it’s also historically significant in terms of its past status as a center for Native American life. The region is an archeologist’s dream, with several resources located directly within the OTC.

Many of these sites are located nearby the streams and waterways that course through the area, and others are located just outside of the official Town Center limits. Recently performed surveys of the grounds the Piney Orchard community and Fort Meade have uncovered evidence of Native American settlements dating as far back in history to the period c. 7200 B.C. through about 1650 A.D. There is even evidence of the earlier occupants of Anne Arundel County dating back as early as 12,000 B.C. Anne Arundel County has been the “Land of Pleasant Living” for a very long time, as it turns out!

A Deep Connection to the Past with an Eye on the Future

The historical roots of the region in which Odenton Town Center is situated go back very deep and far, but the developers and visionaries who have planned the OTC understand that to preserve history, they need to keep an eye on the future.

To that end, a number of environmental initiatives have been implemented so that the area can be preserved for the enjoyment and education of future generations. New building projects are also being considered as much for their impact on the local economy as for their ability to protect the historical significance of the area. For those who want to protect the planet and the past, there are few places as ideal as Odenton Town Center!

Learn More about Life in OTC

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