Window treatments add a great deal of value to real estate for sale in Gambrills, MD. No matter what type you choose, they cool down your home and add a touch of class. Some work better than others, though - so look at these six options that might help your home.

The classic option for homes, these panels of fabric are attached to rods or tabs and hang down to block out the sun. You can up the eco-friendly quotient by using organic fabrics, and you will enjoy using them all year long.

Another major player in the world of window treatments, these pleated panels hang down over your windows and give you several options for how much light comes through. Choosing the right fabrics will be the key to making sure that you have the right look for your needs.

These practical options lie flat on the window, and block out almost all light. A great choice for those who want to keep their homes cool and dark, finding a good set of shades can be difficult. If you put in the effort, though, you can save quite a bit on your cooling bills.

Blinds and Shutters
Both blinds and shutters bring versatility to the world of window treatments. They are easily adjustable, allowing you to let in as much light as you wish. These are a great choice for those who want to let light into their homes without a great deal of fuss.

Perhaps the fanciest type of window treatment, these shortened curtains are used more for style than for practicality. Use them with another treatment, and you should be able to get a bit of a pop in your room without sacrificing on your heating and cooling gains.

These are the choice for those who want a more interesting window treatment. Used alone or with other treatments, they add an edge to your window area that will spur conversation.

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