When the clocks moved forward this past Sunday night, many folks just complained about losing an hour of sleep. Since I took a red-eye flight back from the ReMax Convention in Las Vegas that landed 6 AM Saturday morning, I took it upon myself to whine more than most :) However the clocks moving forward marks the beginning of the Spring real estate market in Maryland.

Longer daylight hours provide Buyers the opportunity to see more homes after work in the evenings.  Being less dependent on weekends leads to a more active shoppers.  Increased ability to see homes combined with nicer outdoor temperatures and many people receiving their income tax returns lead to the perfect storm of home shopping.  If you are considering listing your home for sale and want to know the perfect time to list, this is it.

From now until Memorial Day historically will be the time when the most homes are coming to the market.  It is also the time that most Buyers are actively looking as well.   We have seen a little earlier start to the Spring market this year than normal in spite of horrible weather.

This is from the demand that carried over from the slower than normal Fall market from last year when the Federal government shut down.  If you have been thinking about buying or selling, this is a good time to get a plan in place so you can move forward.