Typically, when you ask people what they wish they had more of, the answer is “time.” It’s hard to argue with that sentiment, especially when you consider the demands on daily living in our modern world. Many of us have our lives scheduled down to the second, and we’re all seemingly looking for an edge that will allow us even one extra minute in the day.

Thankfully, the world around us seems to be changing in a way that makes it easier for people to take back some precious time. Odenton Town Center, the exciting development in western Anne Arundel county, is a perfect example of a place that’s being designed with a better life in mind for its residents. It’s a place where everything a person needs is right around the corner; a place that allows its residents to travel easily, swiftly and safely to nearby urban areas; a place that helps its residents live lives with more space, more connection to the world and — most importantly — more time to take part in the things that make life so wonderful!

Odenton Town Center and Convenience

If you’re like most people who are interested in the possibility of living in the OTC, you’re attracted to the potential of convenient living that the development promises. For many residents, the simple fact that the development is located just a handful of miles away from Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport is enough to make it seem like a true paradise. Imagine a life spent enjoying your surroundings instead of sitting in a cramped car in traffic!

Odenton Town Center is not just convenient for commuters, though. It’s also designed to make it easy for residents to simply enjoy what life has to offer. Ample green space is available for outdoor recreation, and a network of hiking and biking trails wind through the area. A number of restaurants, cafes, shops and services are located right within the OTC, too, making it easy for residents and visitors to get around without having to deal with hassles like parking, tolls and traffic.

More Time in a Real Community

Living in Odenton Town Center is a great way to take back some precious time in your life, and the development offers plenty of ways to spend it! Most notably, the way in which the area is designed is ideal for engaging in real community involvement. Residents of OTC are generally out and about, enjoying all of the amenities that the area has to offer instead of sequestering themselves in their cul de sacs or their cars. This creates opportunities to meet neighbors and experience the magic of community life.

Learn More About Life in OTC

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