Piney Orchard

Feb. 26, 2023

The Piney Orchard Community

Piney Orchard, the largest planned community in Anne Arundel County, Maryland is a vibrant residential hub established during the early 1990's. It houses over 4,000 homes of varied types such as single-family dwellings, townhomes and condominiums along with senior living apartments designed to meet every lifestyle need.


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Posted in Piney Orchard
April 19, 2019

Top Landscaping Trends That Boost the Value of Your Property - By Peter Goldberg




Real estate agents emphasize the importance of the three Ls. No, we're not talking about location, rather landscaping, landscaping, landscaping! Making sure your landscaping and exterior portions of your home are in top condition is the best way to get a better price of your Maryland ...

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Sept. 6, 2018

Why Has Piney Orchard Become a Prime Location for Residence?

Piney Orchard is beautiful. This is not just because it is the largest planned community in the whole of Maryland, but because it seems to have something good to offer everyone. Here you will not see much vacant land for sale because there are various available housing types for people ...

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