Summer is winding down and kids here in Anne Arundel County are already back in class. If you are new to the area, you might be wondering how you can ensure that your child has the best chance of succeeding in an unfamiliar environment. Starting school in a new area is a notoriously difficult challenge for kids, and if your family is still getting settled, it can seem like every single day is full of overwhelming obstacles.

You've got a lot on your mind, and it's important to prioritize. Thankfully, there are some great pieces of advice you can use to help simplify life for you and your children as you get settled this fall.
Tip #1 -- Meet the Teachers

There's no doubt that you have a huge list of things to do as you start your new life in Eastern Maryland. To ensure that your children get started on the right foot in their new school, it's crucial that you get involved and meet with the people who will be teaching them during this school year.

By meeting directly with your child's educators, you can open a dialogue of understanding that will help you make sure that your child is comfortable, at ease and ready to learn. It also a great way to connect with people in your new community!
Tip #2 -- Find the Right Supplies

School kids today -- especially those in Anne Arundel County, where expectations are so high -- are often required to have some specific tools to be properly prepared for class. It's a lot different from when you went to school, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the list of items required for your kids' success in class.  Many of the local PTA’s offer prepared school supply kits for the children that are custom tailored to their school, grade level, etc.  Most of these need to be ordered at the end of the school year for the following year.  These can save both time and money.  More importantly it assures you that your child will have the correct supplies.
Tip #3 -- Locate the Right Home

Hopefully you've found your dream home in the area already, but if you are still searching for the perfect home in the ideal school district, help is available. I've helped numerous families like yours locate their ideal homes!  I’m happy to help, so give me a call today at (301) 651-1261, or email me at